Ancient Oaks 100 - 2009
An Ultra Running Event
Race Pictures
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Mike Melton, Co-Race Director, and Bob Becker doing
scoring.  The race provided chip timing and a paper
back-up. This proved useful over the course of the race,
like when the lights went out at midnight.  Both are
accomplished ultra-runners themselves.  Mike recently
completed the 200 mile Ragnar Relay solo.  Bob is an
ultra-runner and the Race Director of the Palm100 and
Keys100 races.
Eventual male winner David James crossing the
start/finish line one of 29 times.  David averaged 8:08 per
mile for the first 6 hours on a somewhat challenging trail
course and finished in a course record 16:41.  The
previous record was 19:19, but David has run 13:09 for
100 miles on a track.
In spite of no entry fee, Ancient Oaks 100 offered a well
stocked aid station.  However, runners set up their own
aid stations too, with a 3.5 mile course that includes 200
meters through the parking lot.  Volunteers and crew
(and the race director) even chipped in for pizza for the
runners at midnight.
Stu Gleman ran this year, with Mike Melton transitioning in as race director.  Stu ran 100K (62 miles), which is quite respectable, but he says he has some work to do to get
in the shape he wants to be in.  You know how it is with these retired physicist ultra-runner types.  (Seems like so many ultra-runners are very interesting folks, with a lot
more about them than just the tendency toward extreme running).

Stu's generosity makes this whole race possible.  He funded the race, just to give something back to ultra-running, and charged no entry fee for one of the best organized
and well executed races anywhere.  As a volunteer at the race, I couldn't believe the quality of the race.  How many free races do you know of that give T-Shirts, use chip
timing, and have well-stocked aid stations.  I almost felt guilty for only donating 18 hours of my time, some gas, and a few dollars.  Stu spent thousands.

Thanks Stu!


Frank Norris, President
Florida East Coast Runners
Interesting Facts: The first Ancient Oaks 100 had only 6 runners.  It was just a few local ultra-runners getting together for a low-profile local event.  Actually, the race went
from 24 runners last year to filling up at 60 runners this year, with a waiting list.  This was probably because of the new web page and getting re-listed on sites like and as a result.  Stan told us he had dropped the race due to lack of some kind of linkage like a website.  The visibility seamed to make a
difference.  We know we had about 2,400 hits on the web page.
Florida East Coast Runners
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Cheryl Lager, the women's winner always had a smile on
her face.  She ran a very smart race, slowly reeling in the
leader in the last 2 laps.
Shannon McGinn led for 95 miles.  Unfortunately, she
faded late due to stomach problems to finish second, but
was also a pleasure.  Like many of the runners Shannon
had a smile on her face most of the time.  Her boyfriend
David James was the male winner.
So many of the runners were just fun to be around, like
Robin Siegel, the oldest women's runner enjoying a grilled
cheese sandwich.  After the race was over she took a few
friends around the course for one last lap.  In the
background you can see the parking lot, which was a
runners' version of tailgating.  The loop included about 200
meters through the parking lot and a little beyond before
turning onto the trail.